Acronyms & Terminology

Image Processing
CTF Contrast Transfer Function.
RCT Random Conical Tilt.
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio.
Pixel Information element in a 2D image.
Voxel Information element in a 3D density map.
ROI Region of Interest (in an image or a density map).
MOI Moment of Inertia.
COM Center of Mass.
PCA Principal Component Analysis.
C.C. Cross-Correlation coefficient.

Program & Interface
I.A.N. Image Analysis Network, the development team of PARTICLE.
GUI Graphical User Interface.
CP Control Panel (part of the program GUI).
DP Display Panel (part of the program GUI).
VLDS Very Large DataSet (containing multi-million particles).
GUI-Mode Running the PARTICLE program with a graphical user interface.
CMX-Mode Running the PARTICLE program at the command line (with a CMX parameter
definition file).
Visual Scripting Recording a GUI procedure to a command script that can then be used for data
batch processing.
Master Image In tilt-pair or tilt-series data acquisition, the image recorded as the first exposure
(normally containing better signal than the subsequent exposures).
Pair Image In tilt-pair data acquisition, the image recorded as the second exposure at a
different, controlled tilting geometry.